Seaming machines

Production of approximately 20 c.m.
Automatic double-head machine in compliance with CE standards, fully adjustable in h, designed to crimp cylindrical cans in an atmosphere of various characteristics; the machine allows a quick format change in h for cans having the same diameter.

Production of approximately 10/15 c.m.
Automatic single-head machine in compliance with CE standards, fully adjustable in h designed for seaming cylindrical cans of various characteristics in the atmosphere; the machine allows a quick format change in h per cans having the same diameter.

Seaming machines : production, installation and maintenance

Officina Padovan di Padovan Mirko, for over 40 years produces, installs and provides maintenance for seamers for cans and tins.

Characteristics of our seaming machines

Constructive approach

The mentality of a craftsman, handed down from one generation to the next, guarantees products featuring the utmost attention to detail and a construction quality that have won over not just the Italian market, but the export market as well.

Customers who commission us for work have the certainty that their machine or line will be built to accommodate their specific requirements; indeed, all our machines are built with painstaking care for details owing to the precision used to make them.
Reference industries

The machines were designed for the food industry and specifically in the coffee, rice, dried fruit, flour and ground product sector.
They are also commonly used in the cosmetics industry.

A customised line or machine will be more efficient than a standard line or machine.
Customisations and options
We can build the following upon request: machines made entirely out of stainless steel, vacuum seamers, plastic (aroma-saving) lidding machines with lid chutes, with or without lid storage, with or without lid screwing and directing systems, with connecting belts both at inlet and outlet depending on the intended line.
The most suitable customised solutions according to the production needs or to the type of product.