Rebuilt and renovated second-hand machine sales

Second-hand machines covered by guarantee

We guarantee machines that have been entirely rebuilt according to original projects and secured in compliance with the applicable regulations in force.

CE mark

All the machines are fitted with EC-compliant safety devices and are supplied with the relevant conformity declaration.


All our second-hand machines are in perfect working order for immediate production start.

Enveloping machine - packaging machine
Enveloping machine

Enveloping machine, packaging machine working both in manual and automatic mode.
Speed: 15/20 bags per minute depending on the weight of the filling product.

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Main characteristics
Power supply: 220v
Installed power: 2 kw
Maximum tube diameter: 166 mm
Maximum envelope width: 260 mm
Film reel maximum width: 540 mm
Vertical weld: 250 mm
Second-hand automatic vacuum+gas seamer
Seamer mod. FL

Automatic vacuum+gas seamer.
Overhauled as-new second-hand machine.

Main characteristics:
Automatic machine equipped for a can format and suitable for seaming round cans with a diameter of between 60 and 105 mm and a height of between 60 and 139 mm.
OUTPUT: approx. 18/20 cans per minute according to requirements and product type. Residual oxygen less than 1%.

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Machine operation
Can entry onto belt
Can positioned on entry shelf
Flaking / marking of bases
End plate positioned on can
Station for provisional fixing of the base to the body of the cans (pre-seaming)
Can end plate checking system
Can positioned in hermetically sealed chamber
Main 8-station rotor for vacuum and gas equipped with 1 (one) seamer head
Can seaming
Can exits hermetically sealed chamber
Command pulpit
Protections according to CE norms
N. 1 additional equipment on request

Second-hand reconditioned seamer and lidding machine sales

Officina Padovan di Padovan Mirko offers a host of second-hand machines. Second-hand reconditioned can seamers with or without vacuum and aroma-saving lidding machines.