Officina PADOVAN di Padovan Mirko

We have been building, installing and running seamers and plastic lidding machines since 1970.
The company was set up in 1970 when Mr. Romeo Padovan, after years of experience working abroad (from 1957 to 1969) in assembling and servicing vacuum packaging machines in the food industry, decided to start selling and servicing these machines in Italy for leading companies in the sector, and then went on to producing them. Specialising in vacuum packaging with the introduction of vacuum - gas.
Today, the company is run by Mr Romeo’s son, Mirko. Thanks to a vast and long-standing experience in the field of packaging and, more specifically, in the assembly of seamers and plastic lidding machines (aroma-saving machines) for the Italian and the foreign markets, the company is able to offer its customers an innovative and competitive product. Its presence in the market dates back to 1970 and has always focused on the food industry, particularly on ground coffee and coffee beans, rice, dried fruit, grated cheese, flour and powder products, as well as the cosmetic industry.

Seamers and aroma-saving machines

We have been building, installing and running vacuum seamers and plastic aroma-saving lidding machines since 1970.

The Advantages of our Mechanical Workshop


With or without vacuum, manual, semi-automatic or automatic.
The seamers we produce can be built for various types of cans in terms of both weight (125 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg and 3 kg) and size.


Different characteristics to cover all requirements.
With guaranteed quality.
Plastic (aroma-saving) lidding machines in various models with different characteristics for the production of a minimum of 20 applications per minute to a maximum of 200 applications per minute.


Specialised production for the food and cosmetics industry.
All our machines were designed for the food industry and specifically for the coffee, rice, dried fruit, flour and ground product sector as well as the cosmetics industry.


Skilled and highly specialised engineers.
We guarantee an efficient and professional service, providing follow-up on our products even after delivery, with routine, extraordinary and scheduled maintenance cycles.