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The main characteristic of these machines, which are designed for several types of cans, is the introduction of vacuum and gas
Automatic, semi-automatic or manual.
The seamers we produce can be designed for various types of cans and tins
Different characteristics for the production of 20 to 200 applications per minute. With snap-on or screw-on system

Officina Padovan di Padovan Mirko

Production of vacuum and non-vacuum can seamers, lidding machines with snap-on or screw-on application. Technical support and second-hand machine sales.

About us

We have been building, installing and running seamers and plastic lidding machines for the Italian and export markets since 1970.

We have been in business for over 40 years, and have made ongoing improvements to offer our clientèle an innovative and competitive product, in the food industry in particular, specifically in the ground coffee and coffee beans, rice, dried fruit, grated cheese and flour sectors, as well as ground products and the cosmetic industry.

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Our Services

Customer Support and Training

We guarantee an efficient and professional service thanks to our skilled and highly specialised engineers, providing follow-up on our products even after delivery, as well as providing training for designated on-site staff.

Maintenance and spare parts service

We offer all our customers a maintenance service: routine, extraordinary and scheduled.
We guarantee rapid supply of the necessary spare parts.

Continuity project

Allows customers to continue production with a replacement machine during the overhaul of their existing machine or the purchase of a new one.


Creation of complete packaging lines on specific customer request.

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